KEK invites residents of Hades and Shipitull to sign resettlement contracts

KEK invites residents of Hades and Shipitull to sign resettlement contracts

“The Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) calls on residents of the Hade and Shipitullë villages to use their right to be notified within KEK’s offices – within the legal deadlines – to the Department of Property to sign resettlement agreements no later than on December 15, 2017, “reads KEK’s statement.

KEK further commits the signing of the resettlement contracts to the benefit of the residents.

“It is in the best interest of residents and all stakeholders to complete this process as soon as possible, ie within legal deadlines, and do not have any further delays that jeopardize the proper functioning of the corporation,” the statement reads.

According to KEK, the delay in this process is endangering the electricity supply.

“The continuation of delays is endangering the country without electricity, or paying a higher multiplier price for electricity imports,” says KEK’s statement.

“To get out of this situation, KEK once again called on residents of Hade and Shipitullë villages to reflect on the very favorable offers of KEK and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo by signing as soon as possible the resettlement agreements” .
“This action should above all be seen as an obligation of national interest, but also to agree with all the relevant institutions and key stakeholders that have consistently made efforts to provide residents of these two villages with conditions with the most high international for displacement, “the communist said.

The residents of Shipitullah and Hades protested in September after KEK excavators approached their homes.

In September, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj heard the residents’ requests and then informed them that they agreed with them.

In October, Haradinaj met in his office with residents of Hades and Shipitulla, who assured them that the resettlement process would be completed successfully. / Telegraph /